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multiverse. Now however the time has come for plans put in place from the dawn of human history to be set in motion.

Philip Quint has always been different, able to do and know things beyond immediate explanation, all the while unquestioning of these abilities. For the present all he has to concern himself with are the upcoming summer holidays, that and the disappearance of his best friend, plus the mysterious individuals approaching him in the hope of gaining his allegiance. On the one hand there's Lord Gryal Repa, seemingly the embodiment of Death, along with his Council of the Brethren, who originally made this boy so extraordinary: a Mancynn. On the other there's the man dressed all in black, renegade former devotee of the Brethren Lords who promises to reveal Gryal's true intentions. Then in turn, in this grander conflict spanning dimensions, who can say that there aren't other foes operating even deeper within the shadows?

As Philip and his friends are thus swept up in a mission taking them across and beyond this world, uncovering conspiracies and secrets hidden at every turn, with even Time itself differing from belief, the latest in a line of Mancynns must soon decide if he should fight back against what he’s told is his destiny, if he can at all...

Beyond the scope of Earthly perception ancient forces have been waiting, prowling out in the further reaches of the

Long ago upon a snowy landscape, locked within a single moment, there existed an artefact whose name would come

to be known as the Archk of Angels. Originally clues as to its whereabouts could be found amongst other relics obtained in the further reaches of the multiverse, however after some initial investigations any notions regarding how to reach it were erased. Now the Archk is sought again.

On Earth troubles are piling up all the more for Philip Quint, the teenage Mancynn granted special abilities by the otherworldly Brethren Lords with the expectation of his loyalty. Wanted and on the run, he and his fellow Mancynn Noah Mason find themselves separated from their companions who have been taken away to a secret location on the other side of the world. But even if they can be reunited, this may not spell harmony once more, for they would then be without clear direction while divisions between their ranks might begin to grow with all that has happened.

Little can they know that greater forces have their eyes upon them, forces even beyond the Brethren Lords (who are in turn beginning to experience their own fractures in allegiance), and this fact will bring upon them a mission into the past, one to determine the fate of their existence, crossing their paths with other beings beyond expectation, showing them even more of the nature of the cosmic conflict into which they have been unwillingly thrust…

Celestial Coup

Word is spreading across the stars, a peaceful regime is to be seized from within by a mystery band of warriors. If this

coup is successful it could lead to a further resurgence in the wider multiversal conflict earlier than even other aggressors would intend. As people rush to identify what exactly is being plotted, one sentiment remains consistent – believe in the revolution.
Having returned to the present, Philip Quint and his friends find themselves missing an ally whilst being surrounded by potential new ones as they otherwise now adapt to living in a grand abandoned house. Philip however is no longer in complete control of himself, which as a Mancynn makes him a potential danger to the others. His companions therefore must make strides on their own, their latest endeavours taking them to uncover political agendas closer to home, lest the Brethren Lords force the teen to use his extraordinary powers against them. What can he do to regain their trust?
As tensions rise across the different dimensions, the divisions between the ranks of both the group on Earth and indeed the Brethren Lords as well are worsening, meaning both are at risk of shattering if things continue as they are. Who’s really pulling the strings behind this fervent series of events? What other beings are truly hiding in their midst? What ancient evil is secretly returning? One wrong move and everything could change

Tower of the Storm

The time has come. For millennia the human race has been secretly guided by the Brethren Lords under the deathly

Gryal Repa, developing Earth for use in a multiversal conflict. Everything is now in position and some of those who would have stood against this takeover are missing. The Mancynn might not even be necessary anymore. History has been leading to this.

Across the globe the Lords’ loyal agents are sowing discord amongst the masses or putting to use what they’ve built. Gryal and his brothers themselves however have recently been at odds, accusations thrown between them. Can the imminent execution of their long-awaited goal be what unites them anew, or do the divisions run too deep? Either way their plot is complicated further by the arrival of another faction in the wider war. Two sides have chosen this world to make their stands with the Atlantic Ocean between them, both striving to bring about their devastation first, their proximity driving an escalation of perils in turn. Meanwhile in a Yorkshire village a third threat is being felt by those residents alone.

In the course of a day humanity is forced to face the fact of other life in the cosmos, sadly at the cost of threats to each nation. Will they just as miraculously make it through to see tomorrow? Friends can become enemies and enemies can become worse. Who can reach the lair of the beast when the Apocalypse is opened...

Adjacent Truths

The Ragnarök Chronicles


Gift of the Mancynn

The Archk of Angels

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Fan Art

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Alternative covers for Gift of the Mancynn & The Archk of Angels made by @scidsgn(Twitter)/@scintilla4evr(Instagram)

If you make fan art inspired by any part of The Ragnarök Chronicles, send it to me on Twitter at @DEJHodgson or by any of the other contact links you can find here: 

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