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Reviews of my Work

"Hodgson has created an alternative world more plausible than our own. Rich in detail. A superbly crafted vision which draws the reader in." - Stephen Bywater, author of The Devil's Ark and Night of the Damned (about Gift of the Mancynn)

"One of the best I've read this year!! So well written and so interesting I finished it in a day! Can’t wait for the next one" - Amazon reviewer (about Gift of the Mancynn)

"Be sure to read!!! This book was recommended to me! Once I started, I couldn't put it out of my hand. Very well written, exciting and absolutely recommend. Let's see what else there is from this author. I am very excited!" - Amazon reviewer, translated from German (about Gift of the Mancynn)

"I really want you to explore the book with me because I haven't read such a funny YA fantasy in a long time (...) so far I'm loving the book and it would be a shame not to promote it (...) I think it really deserves some serious attention" - Kate the bookworm, @aboutreadingandlife on Instagram, part way through reading (about Gift of the Mancynn)

"I need all of you YA fantasy lovers to pay attention. (...) I am not much of a fantasy lover but this book made me think I might become one. It's probably the first time I can honestly say that I still have no idea who are the bad guys in the plot. The characters are very complex and nothing is black and white which is a rare thing to see in YA fantasy in my opinion. There were parts that were funny, parts where I was kinda scared for the characters and parts that made me curious about what's gonna come next. When I read a fantasy I expect some things - superpowers, strange creatures and weird worlds that I don't fully understand but I really want to know more about. Gift of the Mancynn has it all. It's fair to say that the only reason why this isn't a five star read for me is that it got a little too complicated somewhere around the middle of the book but that could be just because English is not my first language and it's harder for me sometimes. I will definitely read the next book and if you are a fantasy lover I strongly recommend you picking up this book" - Kate the bookworm, @aboutreadingandlife on Instagram, on finishing reading (about Gift of the Mancynn)

"A well crafted mysterious story, intriguing and enticing. The paragraphs are almost poetic and prose like in places. If you're into myths and legends and fantasy then this book is definitely for you (...) Adventurous, mysterious and in many ways enigmatic and exciting. A solid read" - @daisyhollands on Instagram (about Gift of the Mancynn)

"This was an interesting read. A little confusing in some parts but overall entertaining. I think anyone would enjoy it. I cannot wait for the next book of the series" - @c.c.c.villacorta on Instagram (about Gift of the Mancynn)

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