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Alongside the Ragnarök Chronicles books, I also create YouTube videos on my channel of the same name, wherein I break down various elements from within the lore of the franchise in a mostly non-spoiler manner (I also have some other stuff planned to mix things up, including the 'Making A Sequel' series that's already started). Check out the first video, the channel & the latest video below.

Alternatively, if you want something more immediate, here's a GoogleDoc/PDF breakdown of over thirty ideas for games connected to the Mario franchise, twenty-seven of them in detail. It's based in the version of the lore as proposed by (most of) MatPat's Game Theories on the series, the main points of which I do summarise at the top of the document, but if you're not familiar with those videos you may just want to look them up first for context. This thing has ended up being 123 pages long/over 85,000 words (I swear it started out with me just wanting to come up with one game), so I fully acknowledge that it will take some time to get through, but to look at it another way this is you getting over 3/4 of the amount of creative content I put into Gift of the Mancynn for absolutely free! If you do give it a read, please let me know through any of my contact details what you think and if you would be interested in playing any of them yourself if they were real.

For a third thing, here's a collection of four short horror stories I wrote for a university assignment, aiming to respectively explore different branches of the genre (in these cases creature-feature, psychological, slasher and paranormal) as well as different narrative styles in turn.

Ambitions of a Fan

People who know me in real life may well have heard me go on before about how it's a second dream of mine to someday write for the BBC show Doctor Who, my combination of being a great fan of the franchise and being a writer having led me to already plan for fifteen series' worth of stories and more. Now with this all put out there, I don't want it to be interpreted thus that I'm just assuming that this will be an opportunity that will simply fall into my lap just by me talking about it however. To even get close to that chance I'll have to get good experience beforehand and try to get some form of work within the industry in general when my own circumstances better allow me to try to begin doing so, indeed assuming that they'd deem me suitable for the position. In turn, I am working on more specific active projects in this regard which when I have the time I will be putting here as well as other places, so keep an eye on this space. That being said, if me reiterating all this here again in any way does aid in bringing myself into the attention of those at the BBC any earlier, I won't say no to that either.

A-Team Academy

For three years, overlapping with part of my time at university, I worked for a tutoring company in Birmingham called A-Team Academy, where I taught Maths and Science to GCSE and A-Level students who were seeking additional support outside of their school/home learning/job. As part of this, I was also part of the production of an online video learning course, so if you or someone you know is currently studying for those kinds of exams why not check out their channel and website via these links:


Other Writings

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When The Wheel Breaks

From time to time over the last few years I've also written an assortment of odd short plays, which rather than simply leaving to be forgotten after their respective one performances I've decided to publish as a collection to be released later this year.

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