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Gift of the Mancynn

Sub-series: 2016 (first book) | Published: 29th Aug 2020 | Cover art: | Pages: 229 paperback (plus front/back matter) | Words: 107,138 (plus front/back matter)


Beyond the scope of Earthly perception ancient forces have been waiting, prowling out in the further reaches of the multiverse. Now however the time has come for plans put in place from the dawn of human history to be set in motion.

Philip Quint has always been different, able to do and know things beyond immediate explanation, all the while unquestioning of these abilities. For the present all he has to concern himself with are the upcoming summer holidays, that and the disappearance of his best friend, plus the mysterious individuals approaching him in the hope of gaining his allegiance. On the one hand there's Lord Gryal Repa, seemingly the embodiment of Death, along with his Council of the Brethren, who originally made this boy so extraordinary: a Mancynn. On the other there's the man dressed all in black, renegade former devotee of the Brethren Lords who promises to reveal Gryal's true intentions. Then in turn, in this grander conflict spanning dimensions, who can say that there aren't other foes operating even deeper within the shadows?

As Philip and his friends are thus swept up in a mission taking them across and beyond this world, uncovering conspiracies and secrets hidden at every turn, with even Time itself differing from belief, the latest in a line of Mancynns must soon decide if he should fight back against what he’s told is his destiny, if he can at all...

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Recurring Locations:

The Towers, Wingmere Hall School (England), Accmore village (England), Auyán-tepui (Venezuela), CERN/Meyrin (Switzerland), The Galgvar Outpost (Egypt)

The following is a spoiler breakdown of the plot of Gift of the Mancynn

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