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Characters in Gift of the Mancynn

Philip Quint: Philip is in many respects the top performing student in his year, and that’s not without reason. This particular teen as it happens possesses peculiar abilities, due to the fact that as a developing baby he had a substance known as ziangg, what we might end up labelling ‘dark matter’, incorporated into his DNA. As he comes to the end of the latest school year however he now finds himself being approached by mysterious figures claiming his powers are for some greater purpose of their own design, leaving him in the position of having to soon decide whether to embrace or reject that destiny, based upon what he learns on his worldly travels.


Noah Mason: An American Mancynn, Noah looks to be in his thirties but has in fact been active for around sixty years. For much of those decades he’d been lying low, not wishing to renew the Brethren Lords’ awareness of him, however now that their plans are building towards completion he knows he must face his old masters once again.

Tony Mantegna: Tony is Philip’s closest friend, the one who’ll always put up with his talk of shows and topics of his fascination. Shortly before the end of the latest school year however he suddenly goes missing, leaving Philip to find out what happened to him and to bring him back, that is if the Mancynn’s clouded memories will allow him to remember that he had a friend named Tony in the first place.

Cary Cole: The self-proclaimed ‘popular girl’ of Philip’s year at school, Cary initially would only approach him with the request that he help with her Egypt project, the post-exam assignment the headmaster set all the students which none of them appreciate, which when he refuses exposes a side of her she might not show in front of her usual crowd. As Philip’s journey continues however, she pops up again and again, progressively insisting on tagging along to be a part of whatever really is going on.

Eve Wade: Having grown up with the forests around her posada to explore, the Venezuelan/Canadian Eve possesses a mixture of dexterity in natural environments and a want to adventure somewhere other than that home. This at first manifests an abrasive side through which she can channel her frustrations towards Philip when he’s around said home, then later once wider events cause their paths to cross again she finds herself able to open up more with the energy of the escapades.

Jimmy Authors: The youngest of the group, Jimmy had the least intention of getting involved in these escapades, he simply spoke to certain people and afterwards continued to be brought along. Despite his discomfort at being present though, he will go on to help the group maintain its heart.



Gryal Repa: Gryal is the first and supreme Brethren Lord, supposedly afforded greater knowledge and abilities to aid in his leadership of the group. Of late however he’s begun to grow weary of such a prolonged existence; hopefully this mission of guiding the young Mancynn to his goal will lead to the conclusion of all they have been working towards for aeons.


Mordrin Murner: The last of the Brethren Lords to be created, although he’s still by most standards ancient like the rest, Mordrin sometimes feels the need to stick himself to formalities in order to maintain the approval of his superiors. On the other hand however, once events begin to deviate from what’s planned it’s he who drives the train of suspicion to find out the truth.


Stark Vingfamyn: While it’s not necessary for any of the Lords to eat in order to sustain their immortal lives, Stark relishes the luxury of the experience all the same, taking the Lords’ position of monitors of the Alpha Realm as an opportunity to sample the finest dishes our universes have to offer, then not wishing to do much else himself otherwise. For all that he may wish to be left to his dining however, he finds himself conceding to the tasks the likes of Warren set him.

Warren Marz: Considering himself the best strategist of the group, Warren acknowledges the chain of command with Gryal being officially in charge, yet when such situations arise he in turn will make sure to offer to relieve an arguably  Gryal of his duties for that period. He typically has the support of their other brothers, so with his plans he’s confident that he could lead them to victory himself.


Petti Lance: Mutated long ago in an incident that also lost the Lords their brother Upre, Petti in one respect is the most animalistic of the Brethren Lords, both in terms of physicality and in the way he can be filled with a bloodlust that has him hunting nearby ‘prey’. In another respect however is he also usually the most neutral of the group, wanting to make sure everyone has a fair say or chance.


Mierdi: The last free member of the criminal group Murorviosp, almost all the others having been struck down in the Reckoning of Nuatum Benll, Mierdi is looking to revive her past working relationship with the Brethren Lords, despite how that’s ended in the past, up for manipulating them where necessary, so that she can get what she needs in order to finally avenge her fellows.

Neuit Howgarr: Also a member of Murorviosp, Neuit is of a species called Ruut, indeed he was once a member of their governing Triumvirate, which means he has the ability to transform himself into any other person or thing (within the limits of his mass and variable density). He has since the fall of Murorviosp been trapped in the mirror dimension, but his want to serve his cause hasn’t waned.


Beth Quint: Philip’s mother, Beth is a writer of articles for Daily Reviews and Advice ( and otherwise is set to spend her time taking care of the new black cat named Natiago by his previous owner. While generally of a benign nature, when she suffers peculiar premonitions then her husband and son end up respectively in worrying circumstances she starts to have serious doubts about the safety of her family, which impacts her demeanour around those closest to her in turn.

Samuel Quint: Philip’s father, Samuel works a nine-to-five job at the software company Vivre, which at least sometimes compliments his hobby interest in gadgetry. Having recently received a pay raise for being a ‘diamond employee’, he’s now able to take his entire family on a holiday to Venezuela, however it’s after he makes this proposal to Philip that matters take a turn for him.

Hubert Sneak: Mr Sneak is the headmaster at Wingmere Hall School which Philip and his peers attend. The sort of man who sets the students a new study project as soon as their exams end, he can often be seen to be exhibiting a nervous disposition.


Winifred Cage: Mrs Cage might only be a substitute teacher at Wingmere Hall School, but she’s been around as long as Mr Sneak in some capacity or another, the pair in turn often thinking on the same wavelength. Philip and his peers dread her lessons, in good part due to how she enjoys speaking down to them all.

Gideon Lesser: Mr Sneak’s solicitor, it isn’t unheard of for Gideon to be publically exasperated by the former’s nervousness, but all the same he will want to do his best for the good of his client.

Other students: Cary’s group of friends consists of Susan Baxendale, Lucy Franks, Amy Tom and Anna Pepperdine, while Philip’s other classmates include Paloma Brennan, Russell Yoo, Chris Murphy and Mick Lockwood.

Other teachers: It’s Philip’s Science and Maths teachers Dr Radcliffe and Professor Billy Oswalt who lead the school trip to Switzerland, otherwise he also has Mx Daph Deakin for English, Miss Summer Adams for Modern Foreign Languages, Mr A.J. Parkes for Latin, Professor Edith Crosbie for History and Mr Sartaj Choudhury for Religious Studies among others.


Rodriguez DiMaggio: Ever the businessman, Rodriguez decades ago set up a B&B in Nova Scotia with his friend Kurt Wade, then once that endeavour was forced to close he returned to his home country of Venezuela to restart by means of offering tours from his posada to nearby natural sites such as Angel Falls. During this latter period he had a child with Kurt’s sister, this daughter being Eve.


Alf Sawyer: Officially the Australian bus driver for Rodriguez’s tours, Alf does in some cases actually know the routes through the forest better than his boss, thus leading to him being the one to lead certain day trips instead.

Anne Bloodgood: Anne was a child when her orphanage took a trip to Rodriguez’s B&B, during which, after a mysterious object impacted the ocean shortly off from the coast, she stole a diving kit and went off on her own to investigate, thus being the one to discover the wreck of some kind of ship below. Seeing an opportunity in her and her discover, Rodriguez became her foster father, and she’s been under his care ever since, even after the Canadian authorities forced the B&B to shut down any business related to the underwater discovery.

Emilio Zacapa: Another employee of Rodriguez’s, Emilio will always respectfully perform the duties set to him, but at the same time he does recognise the man’s questionable qualities and so is inclined to heed others against getting too familiar him in turn.

Other tourists: Also attending Rodriguez’s tours are the young couple Steve and Nala Daniels, the brusque Professor Charles Acovone and backpacker Poppy Devenish among others.

Vincent Gauthier: The head of operations at CERN, Gauthier and a select inner circle of other scientists conduct additional research beneath the Large Hadron Collider, research pertaining to alien artefacts and for the greater good of humanity’s progress.


Johnathan Dobrowski: Dobrowski is one of the guides offering tours around certain chosen areas of the CERN facility.


Gaius Callis: A pilot working for Gauthier’s operation, he’s charged with bringing some alien cargo in to a secret hanger in the side of the Jura Mountains.


Kasuf Avari: When word reaches the Egyptian authorities that a hijacked plane was thought to have gone down in the relative vicinity to the town of Mut, Sergeant Avari is sent to investigate, instructed to apprehend if possible the person known to be the culprit.

Adwin Tahir: Corporal Tahir is sent to accompany Sergeant Avari in investigating the hijacked plane, and as part of that operation he ends up being the one ordered to scout out suspicious spots first.

Roger Richardson: An acclaimed pilot with a long career, Roger is currently employed to fly a private jet for the firm Victory Owl Air. On his latest flight however, he suddenly finds himself in a tight situation when the plane is hijacked and he takes it upon himself to try to get help.


The Braknaghs: The major expendable workforce aboard the Towers, the Braknaghs are rarely given a second thought by those around them, to the extent where they’re not even made with anatomical efficiency in mind.

The Hatta Tosca: Among the Hatta people, the Tosca is the one who gets to visit other worlds under the instructions of some other authority, usually the Brethren Lords, their full coat of independently-positionable chameleonic hairs and ability to quickly assimilate new languages making them near masters of disguise. The last time the Brethren Lords made use of a Hatta Tosca however the former were far from pleased by the result, therefore when Warren now reaches out to these people again it is with the risk of it being the final time.

The Furimun: Trapped within the Towers since they were caught up in the stations’ initial sweeps of the Alpha Realm, the Furimun exist in a state closer to that of brainwaves and serve as a means of quickly getting from one point within a given Tower to another by means of steering a gondola-like boat along ribbons of inky blackness.

The Jackal: The previous occasion Mierdi had to interact with the Brethren Lords, she experimented with some of their technology to create a mutant beast from an Earth jackal. Keeping it as her pet, she has since had some issues with keeping it under control, but nevertheless she takes its usefulness as cause to insist to continue bringing it along.

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