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What are you going to be doing next?

As always I will be going straight on with the next instalment in the Ragnarok Chronicles series, or procrastinating on that by developing further notes for other books further down the line. Outside of this though, since as of yet the adult world won't easily allow me to solely dedicate my time to this pursuit, 

What's your favourite book?

Oh I'm bad at favourites. If I was to go by specifically a single novel then perhaps The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde. If I can take a series as a whole, then Harry Potter (top of which for me was Half-Blood Prince last time I went through them, but it's been Chamber of Secrets before) or maybe something like the Keys to the Kingdom books by Garth Nix. There are of course plenty of other great options in both respects though, however to try to list them all would probably be excessive and incomplete.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Time manipulation. If we're ignoring the consequences science says should come with it (as we would with any instance such as this), then I can think of many instances where it would be useful to be able to use that sort of thing to get more out of the day, afford me a greater ability to pause before making a decision etc. If that wasn't an option, then either super-speed or pyrokinesis, simply because I think they'd otherwise be the coolest.

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