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The Brethren Lords

Before the books

Since the dawn of this current iteration of the multiverse there has been a race of energy-based beings existing within the Outer Region who would view themselves as gods, referring to themselves only as 'Entities' and by no other name. For all that they claimed that they held dominion over all of this reality's dimensions however, it became clear that they wouldn't be able to explore the like of the Alpha Realm, it being toxic to their forms. Thus an artefact known as the Font of the Haver of Gelmeer was used to transform six Entities such that they would gain physical form. These became the original Brethren Lords/Council of the Brethren: Gryal Repa, Warren Marz, Petti Lance, Stark Vingfamyn, Upre Shun and Khaonat Rhaldyzata. This group of Immortals had constructed for them a network of Towers, one to orbit each universe in the Alpha Realm, so that they could have a base of operations from which to proceed. Nevertheless, it so happened that they were still just as weak to the Alpha Realm's reality as any other Entity, unless they made use of a technology known as Hexagons.

This wasn't what stopped them from attempting to continue their work for the rest of the Entities though. They proceeded to study the Alpha Realm remotely, using copies of the Font to populate the other Towers with Braknagh workers as well as occasional Quhenhas (phantom figures who during their stays make sure that everything there is running smoothly given that it would be impossible for the Lords themselves to visit every single Tower even over the aeons of their existence), meanwhile they eventually discovered the planet Earth upon which had evolved a species so close to them genetically that they were able to turn them into Mancynns, their true emissaries within the Alpha Realm. The Lords will tell you however that then came Khaonat's incarceration at the hands of the other Entities after a 'misguided bid for power', followed by Upre's death and Petti's mutation during an Entity endeavour involving the cosmic beast Tentortex. In the face of these compound losses, the Entites' response was to make a new brother for them, Mordrin Murner, and that was about it. Thus feelings that they had come to mean nothing to their former fellows, the Lords henceforth, according to them, have be set upon eventually striking back against those 'gods' who would treat them as though they were so inconsequential. One part of what subsequently became their master plan has involved using the Mancynns to shape humanity's societal development, gradually moulding Earth into a technological form that they can make use of in their grander scheme.

The following is a spoiler breakdown of the Brethren Lords' role in Gift of the Mancynn

One month after the publication of The Archk of Angels this section will be filled in with a spoiler breakdown the Lords' role in it

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