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Ever since a monumental incident near the beginning of our current iteration of the multiverse (which has been struck from the historical record), it has been a fact that no-one originally from the Outer Region can exist inside the Alpha Realm without likely suffering a painful death, the reality rejecting the presence of their persons. To hence come inside these universes safely, they must do so within the field of devices whose name would translate into English as 'Hexagons' due to the fact that they consist of six portable arrays generating a bubble of Outer Region space around a person, object or place (it doesn't strictly have to be six arrays for it to work; the design was simply inspired by the shape of a hexagonal crucible discovered adrift in the void around the time of the Hexagons' initial invention by the Brethren Lords). There isn't an issue with people from the Alpha Realm existing in the Outer Region, therefore there's no consequence health-wise for a denizen of these universes being caught inside the field of a Hexagon.

Due to the nature of the Alpha Realm however, generating such a bubble of Outer Region reality locks one inside a single given universe, rather than carrying along with the flow of souls down the chain of universes, thus outside of the Hexagon's field all would appear static. There is a way to simultaneously exist in a pocket of Outer Region reality and move along between the universes along with the rest of the souls, however this is solely achievable by means of another device whose name would translate to 'the Watch', of which there is only one in existence, the attempts to replicate it being what led to the creation of the inferior Hexagons instead.

It is by using Hexagon-style technology that most spaceships would operate The Ragnarök Chronicles' version of a hyperdrive. With it, a ship uses a bubble of Outer Region reality to remove itself from the flow of time, allowing it to fly to its next location then drop back into normal space, thus from everyone else's perspective it would have gone from point A to point B in an instant. Now for the people inside the ship they'd still be experiencing the duration of that journey as if they were doing it regularly, therefore a crew will likely go into suspended animation for the duration. If they are using the method whereby the ship is just standardly flying around within a Hexagon bubble then they will also want to be sure that said ship has resources to make the trip, but alternatively if instead it employs a method whereby a plasma-like pulse is launched out in front of the ship, the vessel is then simply carried along in its reality-bending wake, meaning it doesn't have to worry about wasting excess energy in propulsion, however in this case there's no way in which to alter course once they've set off, unlike in the first instance.

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