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The Archk of Angels (novel)

Sub-series: 2016 (second book) | Published: 28th Nov 2020 | Cover art: | Pages: 262 paperback (plus front/back matter) | Words: 125,372 (plus front/back matter)


Long ago upon a snowy landscape, locked within a single moment, there existed an artefact whose name would come to be known as the Archk of Angels. Originally clues as to its whereabouts could be found amongst other relics obtained in the further reaches of the multiverse, however after some initial investigations any notions regarding how to reach it were erased. Now the Archk is sought again.

On Earth troubles are piling up all the more for Philip Quint, the teenage Mancynn granted special abilities by the otherworldly Brethren Lords with the expectation of his loyalty. Wanted and on the run, he and his fellow Mancynn Noah Mason find themselves separated from their companions who have been taken away to a secret location on the other side of the world. But even if they can be reunited, this may not spell harmony once more, for they would then be without clear direction while divisions between their ranks might begin to grow with all that has happened.

Little can they know that greater forces have their eyes upon them, forces even beyond the Brethren Lords (who are in turn beginning to experience their own fractures in allegiance), and this fact will bring upon them a mission into the past, one to determine the fate of their existence, crossing their paths with other beings beyond expectation, showing them even more of the nature of the cosmic conflict into which they have been unwillingly thrust…

TAOA Ebook Cover Resized.jpg

Recurring Locations:

The Towers, the sea hulowin (Caribbean Sea), CERN (Switzerland), near Fort Myers (Florida), Hungry Horse Reservoir (Montana), Accmore (England), Puhdoure's valley (Washington DC)

One month after the publication of The Archk of Angels this section will be filled in with a spoiler breakdown of the novel's plot

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