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The following may contain spoilers for Gift of the Mancynn. Read at your own discretion.

Philip Quint: Philip is in many respects the top performing student in his year, and that’s not without reason. This particular teen as it happens possesses peculiar abilities, due to the fact that as a developing baby he had a substance known as ziangg, what we might end up labelling ‘dark matter’, incorporated into his DNA. After what went down in Egypt he's been left with a split mind; is he loyal to the Brethren Lords or against them? Feeling alone and afraid, he will over the course of this next adventure have to try to contain this duality lest it result in him lashing out at those around him.

Noah Mason: An American Mancynn, Noah looks to be in his thirties but has in fact been active for around sixty years. For much of those decades he’d been lying low, not wishing to renew the Lords’ awareness of him, however now that their plans are building towards completion he knew he had to face his old masters once again. And then an odd thing happened: he found himself being told that he had in fact already met the new Mancynn, Philip, although he had no recollection of doing so, and that together they were already on a mission to go against the Brethren Lords. Picking up the pieces from what'd been forgotten therefore, Noah is suddenly taking charge of a group of adolescents he didn't ask for as they continue to try to identify any way in which to proceed.

Tony Mantegna: Tony is Philip’s closest friend, the one who’ll always put up with his talk of shows and topics of his fascination. When tensions might rise between the members of the group he'll be sure to support Philip's side, being there for him when times are tough, meanwhile his dynamic with Cary becomes increasingly confrontational.

Cary Cole: The self-proclaimed ‘popular girl’ of Philip’s year at school, Cary to her dismay has found herself seemingly trapped in joining this group on their outlandish escapades, she having no choice but to stick with them. It doesn't help that when she begins to be suspicious of certain elements around them no-one will seem to listen to her.

Eve Wade: Having grown up with the forests around her posada to explore, the Venezuelan/Canadian Eve possesses a mixture of dexterity in natural environments and a want to adventure somewhere other than that home. For all the misgivings she has about their situation at this new beginning, she will be the one to keep the group moving forward with her passion and endurance.

Jimmy Authors: The youngest of the group, Jimmy had the least intention of getting involved in these escapades, yet now he's just as much in the thick of it, at least trying to make the most of it while being dragged around for a manner of reasons he doesn't quite get.


Gryal Repa: The supreme Brethren Lord, supposedly afforded greater knowledge and abilities to aid in his leadership of the group, is no longer who he seems to be. Instead now a disguised agent of Mierdi, a shapeshifter called Neuit Howgarr, his priority is to do whatever is necessary for her own secret plans, however he must also in the meantime continue to act as he thinks the other Lords would expect Gryal to in order to not raise any suspicions against himself.


Stark Vingfamyn: While it’s not necessary for any of the Lords to eat in order to sustain their immortal lives, Stark relishes the luxury of the experience all the same. Now on this latest mission he's only being left behind again, with the others always going on ahead without him, making him wish all the more that he could have just been left back in his quarters with his supplies of food.

Petti Lance: In one respect the most animalistic of the Brethren Lords while in another also usually the most neutral of the group, wanting to make sure everyone has a fair say or chance, Petti hopes to prevent the spread of discord between their ranks following the events that took place in Egypt. When it comes to their latest mission on Earth he'll act by Mordrin's instructions, although at the same time there'll also be an element of keeping a handle on his younger brother in turn.

Mordrin Murner: The last of the Brethren Lords to be created, although he’s still by most standards ancient like the rest, Mordrin goes from being under Gryal's watchful eye due to some seeds of doubt the former might now be harbouring to being left in a position to spearhead his brother's latest operation down on Earth, part of which involves trying a more personal tact to bring the young Mancynn around to their side for good.

Ylem: An Entity who belongs to the Pro-Efeos movement, 'Ylem' guides the Mancynns' group on a quest to find the Archk of Angels, and like all the other Entities is under the impression that The Brethren Lords are completely trustworthy.

The Cavepeople: During the group's quest they come across some cavepeople whom they're able to get to help them, some of these cavepeople hence being named Bruce, Joe, Leslie, Steven, Arthur and Alexa.

Mierdi: One of the last members of the criminal group Murorviosp, almost all the others having been struck down in the Reckoning of Nuatum Benll, Mierdi's plan for avenging her fallen fellows through the use of her old relationship with the Brethren Lords has suffered a set-back as her Gryal has lost some of the important components. Her displeasure is one she won't let Gryal forget.


Jeremiah Whitehead: Aboard the sea hulowin, that being the Lords' hidden facility in the Caribbean, he's the Naemod leading the team meant to bring Philip to 'the Interface'.


Ronald Smith: This Naemod is among those who administrate which of its people have access to which parts of the sea hulowin at any given time.


Ezekial Whitehead: Another member of the team guiding Philip to 'the Interface', he's not conscious until Philip starts talking to him of how he might really feel about this position.

Z'toka: A Braknagh who is tasked with showing Noah around his people's residence within a Tower.

Eq'orkt: Z'toka's partner, she in a moment of communal pandemonium ends up dragged along with Noah as he endeavours to find something that might help in his mission against the Brethren Lords.

Vipicharma: An amalgamate creature that was formed when a weapon was turned on its inventors, this being had long been sentenced to drift alone through space, the only change to this having come a few thousand years ago when it crashed to Earth.

Djankrat: An Asnemwoi with the rank of indivine scout, it possesses a resilience that keeps it going, keeps it wanting to try to prove itself, even if it's looked down upon by the rest of its crew.

Kraotjaaq: The captain of the Asnemwoi frigate Owubeh, Kraotjaaq is a proud war-hero who won't let its past go unrecognised as it continues on its noble mission of bringing vengeance down upon the Entities. 

Bhormlorh: Kraotjaaq's second in command who may well be just as vicious as its superior officer.

Z-cu: The head of a Polanzian strike team sent down to Earth's surface in order to neutralise the threat posed by the Asnemwois, it also holds in high priority the belief that the Archk should not be interacted with under any circumstances.

Ke-o: This Polanzia works on the Drantha level of its ship where genetic modifications are made to creatures that are brought to them, plus this one possesses within its cybernetic augmentations a specialised chip that's required elsewhere.

T-aq: On the Drantha level this Polanzia is one rank above Ke-o.

P-te: The commander of the ship Ke-o is a crewmember of.

Y-ti: The commander of another Polanzian ship.

P-fa: Second in command to Y-ti.

Aidan Gregson: An Inspector at New Scotland Yard who's seen a lot over his time there, now the man assigned to interrogate Philip over some of his actions in Gift of the Mancynn.

Beth Quint: Philip’s mother, Beth is a writer of articles for Daily Reviews and Advice ( and otherwise is set to spend her time taking care of the new black cat named Natiago by his previous owner. With her son having been somehow accused of having committed something inconceivable, she's been reduced to wallowing in distress at home, although that hasn't stopped her from also still writing more articles, these ones just aimed at proclaiming Philip's sure innocence.

Samuel Quint: Philip’s father, Samuel works a nine-to-five job at the software company Vivre, or at least he does for the moment, so long as he can still stand his co-workers talking about what's supposedly happened with his son.

Tommy Williams: They're the Constable assigned to transporting Philip to where he'll be staying while the matter regarding his actions is sorted out.

Mary Metcalf: She as a Constable leads Eve away after she's done being questioned, since the teen doesn't have any family in the UK to be reunited with.

Helen Harmison: The head of Round Island Juvenile Secure Centre, she has a reputation for perhaps finding a bit too much pleasure in her job there.

Harry Boolay: A resident of Kinsale in Ireland, he's go on with his life never knowing how close he came to witnessing the Mancynns in action.

Winifred Cage: Mrs Cage might only be a substitute teacher at Wingmere Hall School but she nevertheless succeeded in being one of Philip's least favourite people there. Now that the summer holidays are underway her association with things related to the school should be on pause, however that doesn't stop her using her position as a tutor to excuse her showing up at the Quints' home.

Joseph Penry: Overseer of a TresCorp operation on the coast of Great Abaco, he doesn't want them hanging around for long lest they be discovered, this earnestness to the disapproval of the actual workers involved.

The Reyes family: Out in North Naples, Florida parents Jobe and Sakina Reyes are about to have their two young-adult kids Gabriel and Lindsey return home for the holidays, in preparation for which they've been arranging a special treat for them down at the beach. Once there however they may see more of importance than they might have expected.

Leo Yates: One of the Reyes' neighbours who's been helping with the preparations for the kids' surprise.


The Hope sisters: Captain Kelly and Officer Tess both are members of the police force in Atlanta, and the pair of them are going to have a hard time later explaining what exactly goes down when they cross paths with Noah Mason while on the clock.

Clancy Corbin: He might have been rated in the small town in New York State he transferred from, but he's not viewed very highly now by his new partner Tess.

Rafe Greene: This owner of a local photography studio in St Louis would defiantly stand up for what he believes to be the truth, but unfortunately that doesn't mean he's inherently going to be listened to by the authorities.


The Braknaghs: The major expendable workforce aboard the Towers, the Braknaghs are rarely given a second thought by those around them, to the extent where they’re not even made with anatomical efficiency in mind. That being said, when they're viewed away from the Lords who oppress them there might be found to be a bit more too them.

The Naemods: In contrast to the Braknaghs these workers are smart, strong and durable. They were created and have only ever been on Earth, residing in their sea hulowin where they investigate just how far existing human technology can be used beyond what might be expected of it.

The Entities: These energy-based beings possessing giant metal bodies see themselves as gods; they seek to maintain 'order' across the multiverse, although they may have different opinions between them as to how this should be achieved.

The Asnemwois: So very long ago the Entities angered the Asnemwoi through the theft of their property, and since then the rivalry between these races has been he backbone of multiversal conflict. Now a frigate has been lying in wait where they believe Entities have visited before, so if some of their enemies should come there again they will be ready to , taking the whole planet with them if they have to.

The Polanzias: Self-elected protectors of justice across the cosmos, the Polanzias have been searching for the Asnemwois, so when the latter reveal themselves again it won't be long before the former show up too to contain the situation in a strict manner.

Characters in The Archk of Angels

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