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Celestial Coup

Sub-series: 2016 (third book) | Published: 27th Feb 2021 | Cover art: | Pages: 313 paperback (plus front/back matter) | Words: 151,514 (plus front/back matter)


Word is spreading across the stars, a peaceful regime is to be seized from within by a mystery band of warriors. If this coup is successful it could lead to a further resurgence in the wider multiversal conflict earlier than even other aggressors would intend. As people rush to identify what exactly is being plotted, one sentiment remains consistent – believe in the revolution.

Having returned to the present, Philip Quint and his friends find themselves missing an ally whilst being surrounded by potential new ones as they otherwise now adapt to living in a grand abandoned house. Philip however is no longer in complete control of himself, which as a Mancynn makes him a potential danger to the others. His companions therefore must make strides on their own, their latest endeavours taking them to uncover political agendas closer to home, lest the Brethren Lords force the teen to use his extraordinary powers against them. What can he do to regain their trust?

As tensions rise across the different dimensions, the divisions between the ranks of both the group on Earth and indeed the Brethren Lords as well are worsening, meaning both are at risk of shattering if things continue as they are. Who’s really pulling the strings behind this fervent series of events? What other beings are truly hiding in their midst? What ancient evil is secretly returning? One wrong move and everything could change…

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Recurring Locations:

The Towers, the Yorkshire village (England), Hyderabad (India), Ka-quo-tol-zi Subsidiary Precinct, Parliament Hill (Canada), the White House (Washington DC), London (England), Accmore (England), the Cocoon

One month after the publication of Celestial Coup this section will be filled in with a spoiler breakdown of the novel's plot

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