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The following may contain spoilers for Gift of the Mancynn or The Archk of Angels. Read at your own discretion.

Philip Quint: Philip is in many respects the top performing student in his year, and that’s not without reason. This particular teen as it happens possesses peculiar abilities, due to the fact that as a developing baby he had a substance known as ziangg, what we might end up labelling ‘dark matter’, incorporated into his DNA. Having left their expedition for the Archk with a neural implant which makes him obedient to any orders given to him, he now finds himself to be a potential liability to the others, resulting in him feeling distanced from them as he's left out of subsequent missions. His foremost wish at this moment therefore is to prove himself still trustworthy to his companions, however this pursuit is only hindered in turn by the further challenges he ends up facing while on his own.

Noah Mason: An American Mancynn, Noah looks to be in his thirties but has in fact been active for around sixty years. For much of those decades he’d been lying low, not wishing to renew the Lords’ awareness of him, however now that their plans are building towards completion he knew he had to face his old masters once again. At the end of the group's expedition for the Archk however Noah became separated from the others, meaning it's another one of their jobs to work out what happened to him, yet if they do find him again it may not be to reunite with exactly the same man as before.

Tony Mantegna: Tony is Philip’s closest friend, the one who’ll always put up with his talk of shows and topics of his fascination. As the group now find themselves residing in an abandoned home with plenty of Naemod workers to cohabit with, this teen soon comes into his own as he sets to work organising the basement into a production line for new hopefully-helpful technologies.

Cary Cole: The self-proclaimed ‘popular girl’ of Philip’s year at school, Cary to her dismay has found herself seemingly trapped in joining this group on their outlandish escapades, she having no choice but to stick with them. Her butting of heads with Tony is in no way lessening now that they're back in the present day, yet at least she has her phone back.

Eve Wade: Having grown up with the forests around her posada to explore, the Venezuelan/Canadian Eve possesses a mixture of dexterity in natural environments and a want to adventure somewhere other than that home. With everyone else seemingly pulling the group in different directions, it seems to be up to her to provide a focused compass regarding their operations, although her conclusions about their course would potentially exclude certain other members of their company.

Jimmy Authors: The youngest of the group, Jimmy had the least intention of getting involved in these escapades, yet now he's just as much in the thick of it. When going along with the group on further excursions he falls back into his now-usual position of tag-along, yet when in turn he sometimes ends up left to do things on his own he elsewise now must start to find his own feet so to speak.


Gryal Repa: The supreme Brethren Lord, supposedly afforded greater knowledge and abilities to aid in his leadership of the group, is no longer who he seems to be. Instead now a disguised agent of Mierdi, a shapeshifter called Neuit Howgarr, his priority is to do whatever is necessary for her own secret plans, however he must also in the meantime continue to act as he thinks the other Lords would expect Gryal to in order to not raise any suspicions against himself. This balance however is growing ever harder to maintain.


Stark Vingfamyn: While it’s not necessary for any of the Lords to eat in order to sustain their immortal lives, Stark relishes the luxury of the experience all the same. At least now that the Lords are all back aboard the Towers he can go back to taking things at a pace of his choosing, although he's getting some bereavement on a couple of different fronts from his brother still regardless.

Petti Lance: In one respect the most animalistic of the Brethren Lords while in another also usually the most neutral of the group, wanting to make sure everyone has a fair say or chance, Petti is finding himself with ever more brothers around him whom he needs to keep in line lest their respective whims pull the Council further and further apart. Soon though there may come a time where he has to consider simply taking the necessary strides for their plan on his own rather than continuing to try to bring those others along with him.

Mordrin Murner: The last of the Brethren Lords to be created, although he’s still by most standards ancient like the rest, Mordrin's growing distrust of Gryal has by this point resulted in him being locked up and subjected to bouts of state-shifting torture. What's seeing him through it is the determination to expose Gryal for what he really is. If he can escape, he'll do anything in his power to sway the others to his way of seeing.

Mierdi: One of the last members of the criminal group Murorviosp, almost all the others having been struck down in the Reckoning of Nuatum Benll, Mierdi's plan for avenging her fallen fellows through the use of her old relationship with the Brethren Lords is about to cross a most important milestone. Everything must be ready for when the moment comes.

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The Naemods: A race of workers built for various functions aboard the sea hulowin in the Caribbean, a collection of them are now instead cohabiting the house in Yorkshire with Philip's group. That faction includes Ezekial (the leader) and Claire from the designation Whitehead; Devon, Jordan (yes) and Michael from the designation Jordan; Andre, Clifton, Echo and Tyler from Holt; Bradley, Colm, Hana and Rosalind from O'Brien; Leonard, Matthew, Olivia and Zak from Miller. As for those still aboard the sea hulowin, you have Captains Grant and Malcolm from Dalton; Abby who reports to both designations Bridge and Waller; Cynthia from Waller; Yuki from Irikawa.


The Polanzias: This justice enforcement fleet has in fact been in orbit around Earth ever since they arrived in the past to protect the Archk. The crewmembers we meet include Chief V-do, Ga-t, F-se and Y-ta.

Boalfor: A Disciple-state Asnemwoi working aboard the Cocoon whose jobs include dealing with the Monganters.

The Braknaghs: A slave race created to perform all the horrid tasks aboard the Towers, the individuals we meet in this book include La'nakl, X'unpo and Eh'antr.

[UNKNOWN]: These silvery beings are of an unknown nature, with an unknown purpose, who from the start of this new chapter show an interest in pursuing certain members of the main group of characters.

Eric Frain: Canada's Minister of Innovation, he's succeeded in convincing the UN to allow him to proceed with his initiative Heroniac Shore, not that he hadn't covertly been going ahead with it anyway, and now he's making it public knowledge that he's about to further discuss his business with the US President.

Evan March: The President of the United States during the events of this story, he's got matters to discuss with Frain whilst also having a new(/old) defense against Mancynns brought to the White House.

Arnold Barrie: The British Prime Minister during the events of this story, he's recently been showing an increased interest in the goings-on of GCHQ.

Other Politicians: Within the Canadian Parliament we also see MPs Craig Lowry and Una Hudson, meanwhile in Britain's Parliament we have Dean Eldon, Gina Barlow, Jeremy Schott, Rekha Tsing and Richard Stuart.

Ravi Paleja: Out in Hyderabad, India, he's the head of an operation that's developing anti-satellite technology, although he doesn't necessarily always remember where all of his ideas come from.

The Ghai Sisters: Arika and Natalia Ghai are the half-sisters who are providing Ravi with the facilities he needs to proceed with his projects.

GCHQ Employees: Simon Mowbray works with the organisation's finances where he's recently been trying to make sense of some discrepancies, meanwhile Diana Pulaski oversees the induction of new recruits.

US Agencies: This story also sees the inclusion of members of the FBI and CIA, namely Assistant Director Paterson Gaines for the former and Special Agent Lorne Thornton for the latter.

Beth Quint: Philip’s mother, Beth is a writer of articles for Daily Reviews and Advice ( and otherwise is set to spend her time taking care of the new black cat named Natiago by his previous owner. With her son having been somehow accused of having committed something inconceivable, she's been reduced to wallowing in distress at home, although that hasn't stopped her from also still writing more articles, these ones just aimed at proclaiming Philip's sure innocence.

Samuel Quint: Philip’s father, Samuel works a nine-to-five job at the software company Vivre, or at least he does for the moment, so long as he can still stand his co-workers talking about what's supposedly happened with his son.

Hubert Sneak: Philip's headmaster at Wingmere Hall School, behind closed doors his demeanour has been deteriorating further as the fear induced by Mierdi's previous interactions with him continues to drag him into a deeper and deeper spiral. Unfortunately his meetings with her aren't quite done yet.

Winifred Cage: Mrs Cage might only be a substitute teacher at Wingmere Hall School but she nevertheless succeeded in being one of Philip's least favourite people there. Now that the summer holidays are underway she's had some time to relax with her backlog of books, although at the same time she's awaiting new information from her true masters nevertheless.

Ian Dekker: A leading expert in the field of neurosurgery, he would otherwise be going about a standard work day if it wasn't for the fact that Philip bursts in on him unannounced requesting treatment for the neural implant that's impeding him.

Ellie Turner: Minister Frain's assistant, she's the one who Noah's group are able to surreptitiously follow in order to find out more about the man in turn while she goes around collecting requested files for him.

Ange Frigon: A resident librarian at Canada's Parliament Hill, the end of her shift is about to be subject to a great irregularity that she probably won't remember afterwards.

Brett Johnson: Through decisions passed down from President March he's the only security guard on station at a back door to the White House when some peculiar visitors arrive one morning.

Haresh Bhatti: One of Ravi's researchers, he thinks the instructions he's receiving are from said boss, that is until his superior asks what it is that he's doing.

Ken Eddington: A resident of the village Philip's group have found themselves settling down in, he gets into a contained spot of bother when he has a run-in with one of the members of said group.

Nick Kauer: Another resident of the same village, his evening encounter with some of the main group of characters is shorter, although no less impactful in a way.

Bob Gilliard: The driver of a truck set to contain top secret CIA documentation, he gets more than he could have bargained for with this latest duty.

Tom Hatch: A shopkeeper in the village Philip's group are staying in, he's not about to just let some of the teens get away with exactly what they'd like where his merchandise is concerned.

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