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Tower of the Storm

Sub-series: 2016 (fourth book) | Published: 29th May 2021 | Cover art: | Pages: 392 paperback (plus front/back matter) | Words: 195,304 (plus front/back matter)


The time has come. For millennia the human race has been secretly guided by the Brethren Lords under the deathly Gryal Repa, developing Earth for use in a multiversal conflict. Everything is now in position and some of those who would have stood against this takeover are missing. The Mancynn might not even be necessary anymore. History has been leading to this.

Across the globe the Lords’ loyal agents are sowing discord amongst the masses or putting to use what they’ve built. Gryal and his brothers themselves however have recently been at odds, accusations thrown between them. Can the imminent execution of their long-awaited goal be what unites them anew, or do the divisions run too deep? Either way their plot is complicated further by the arrival of another faction in the wider war. Two sides have chosen this world to make their stands with the Atlantic Ocean between them, both striving to bring about their devastation first, their proximity driving an escalation of perils in turn. Meanwhile in a Yorkshire village a third threat is being felt by those residents alone.

In the course of a day humanity is forced to face the fact of other life in the cosmos, sadly at the cost of threats to each nation. Will they just as miraculously make it through to see tomorrow? Friends can become enemies and enemies can become worse. Who can reach the lair of the beast when the Apocalypse is opened...

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Recurring Locations:

The Towers, unnamed wasteland city, CERN (Switzerland), the Yorkshire village (England), an Eilvuaga,
Ka-quo-tol-zi Subsidiary Precinct, La Coruña (Spain), the Idol, the sea hulowin (Caribbean Sea),

HMCS Wanderer, the Tuwerrettes

One month after the publication of Tower of the Storm this section will be filled in with a spoiler breakdown of the novel's plot

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